A common goal for the construction industry

Trolex are excited to be partnered with Active Environmental Solutions (AES), working together to protect workers from the dangerous and often irreversible consequences of dust inhalation.

With AES’ specialist knowledge of occupational health and safety in Australian industries and Trolex’s leading safety technology, the opportunity of delivering solutions to prevent the dangers of dust inhalation for Australian workers, is not just a possibility, but now a reality.

Offering the market new solutions

AES want to spread awareness. And in the case of dust particulate detection, spreading awareness that new real-time technology to help prevent lethal respiratory diseases now exists.

The opportunity to partner with Trolex was welcomed by AES, as it means that they can merge their expertise in Occupational Health with Trolex’s leading safety technology.

This creates the best solutions to their respective industries.

This simple message appealed to AES, and to Aleks Todorovic MSc, (OHP), Managing Director of AES’s team of Australian Occupational Safety experts at AES, as it aligned perfectly with the workers they seek to protect:

Many businesses intuitively know the benefit of a broad threat detection – they just don’t know they know it, or perhaps how they go about implementing such devices – it’s our job to awaken that knowledge and show them there are new and effective dust detection technologies such as the Trolex Air XD and XD One.

Important facts for important industries

There are no arm twisting, or heavy sales techniques involved – just a clear and simple presentation of responding to the facts.

Which is why Trolex and AES are working hard to provide further education to Australia’s mining, tunnelling, quarrying and construction industry, where workers are exposed to dangerous dust particulates.

This common goal of providing specialist and expert knowledge of these industries is the drive needed to inevitably save lives and taking the dangers of dust seriously.

Now, this collaboration will help to do exactly that.

A needed change of approach

The approach taken by businesses within these industries must now change. With new legislation on exposure to harmful particulates in Australia, new dust monitoring methods are needing to be implemented.

Aleks said “As an occupational hygiene minded business we know only too well the devastating effects inhaling respirable dust can have on people’s long-term health.

That’s why we are invested in the success and distribution of new and effective real-time dust detection technologies such as the Trolex Air XD and XD One. These are lifesaving technologies that need to be included in their safety thinking” stated Aleks further.

By using Trolex’s advanced dust monitoring technology, small changes can have a huge impact.

Looking towards the future

The war on silica grows ever stronger by the day and more needs to be done.

With the reduction in exposure limits coming into effect across Australia, particularly hard on respirable crystalline silica, real-time monitoring for RCS is a necessity, providing an instant alarm if you have an issue.

Whilst the ability to retrospectively assess RCS levels in facilities is available to industries with an RCS problem, the ability to monitor for RCS in real-time is not.

Trolex’s all new real-time silica monitor, the Air XS, allows for accurate and reliable results demonstrating compliance with legislation. Aleks commented on this world-first technology:

We are really excited to be a part of this project to be able to detect silica in real-time. This will be the first monitor to have this capability and we’re proud to be distributing it throughout Australia. The project was produced with the support of the Centre for WHS in NSW proving just how important and potentially life-saving the new technology will be.”

And with the talk of real-time, wearable silica monitoring devices a possibility in the future, of course it makes perfect sense for all industries to be increasingly focused on detection possibilities.

Together, Trolex and AES are providing real solutions for real problems in Australia.