A New Generation

Our Air X particulate monitoring technology is the simple solution to industry’s single biggest health and safety problem – deaths and diseases caused by harmful dust.

Easy To Use

Protecting your workers’ health and welfare is a serious responsibility. Take some of that weight from your shoulders with the world’s most advanced particulate monitoring devices.

Accurate & Reliable

Accurate, easy-to-use, real-time detection of airborne threats to keep your people safe and your operations up and running.


  • Save lives
  • Avoid litigation and protect your reputation
  • Cut costs and reduce waste
  • Boost welfare and productivity

Breakthrough life saving technology

63 years of industrial safety experience packed into a range of new fixed and wearable safety devices.

The better your particulate monitoring, the better you can prevent lung cancer, silicosis, black lung disease, pneumoconiosis, COPD, and the deaths and serious incapacity they cause.

So use the best.

Use Trolex Air XD and XD One dust monitors.

The Air X Range

Image of Air XD
Air XD

Image of XD One
XD One

Image of Air XD Compliance Pack
Air XD Compliance Pack

Image of Air XD Transportable Pack
Air XD Transportable Pack

Image of Compliance Pack ONE
Compliance Pack ONE

Image of Breathe and BreatheLITE Software
Breathe and BreatheLITE Software