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RockMonitor XM

RockMonitor XM: helping you identify strata movement

Instant & Precise

How safe are your underground roadways? Your cut-through strata? Even a small failure in your support structure can have catastrophic consequences – damage, lost productivity, even loss of life.

The Trolex RockMonitor XM provides you with instant, accurate information on strata conditions, giving you warning of even the slightest strata shifts and allowing you to protect workers and machinery alike.

RockMonitor XM mechanical extensometers – telltales – give an instant visual indication of any movement, showing you whether the strata has shifted and by how much.

RockMonitor XM telltales

Installed at intervals in the sides and roof of a tunnel, your RockMonitor XM telltales let you; spot even the smallest shifts instantly, see which parts of tunnels and roadways are at risk and proactively support separated or dilated strata.


Because RockMonitor XM is entirely mechanical, there’s no need for network connections, power supplies or difficult installation processes. Simply drill your boreholes and secure each unit with the integrated spring anchors.

Easy to install

No wiring, no data connections, no calibrations. Simply drill a borehole and fit your telltale.


If strata shifts, so does the mechanical measurement unit, instantly showing how much the surrounding rock has moved by.


Mechanical telltales have no data or power requirements, meaning they can be installed in nearly any situation.

Simple but Effective

Sometimes the right technological solution to protect hundreds of lives and billions of dollars worth of equipment is a mechanical one. Simple to fit, simple to read, and providing the information you need to safeguard your site, Trolex TX5001 RockMonitor XR is a reliable mechanical solution to an ever-present problem.


The RockMonitor Range

Image of RockMonitor XR
RockMonitor XR