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RockMonitor XR

Remote strata movement tracking.

Remote strata movement tracking

  • Gives you advance warning of excessive displacement
  • Helps you improve bolting strategies
  • Increases longwall operations uptime
  • Means you don’t need to stop production to take manual safety readings

RockMonitor XR: Real-time, mine-wide strata monitoring

Remote strata movement tracking that helps you make the fastest, safest and most efficient production decisions.

Measures even the slightest strata shifts with pinpoint precision to protect your workers and machinery from catastrophic roof collapse. Data delivered anywhere on your network giving you live and predictive information for rapid decision-making.

Easy to install

Plug and play technology feeds telltale data through a controller to the monitoring system with no time-consuming synchronisation or calibration


Live data provides information for safer, proactive decision making


Advanced monitoring algorithms help you safely manage your people and equipment


Dynamically deploy up to 150 fit-and-forget telltales over a 10 km range for complete coverage

Precise and Predictive

When you’re responsible for hundreds of lives and billions of dollars worth of mining equipment, you need data that is precise and predictive, with analysis that’s genuinely insightful. On time, all the time.

Trolex TX5001 RockMonitor XR. Your number one ally in mitigating geotechnical risk.

The RockMonitor Range

Image of RockMonitor XM
RockMonitor XM

Image of RockMonitor XR
RockMonitor XR