Protect your workers and your valuable mining machinery.

Real-time Data

Protect your workers and your valuable mining machinery from catastrophic roof collapse with real-time, data driven, decision making support from the Trolex RockMonitor series.

Outstanding Results

Already used in some of the world’s largest and most dangerous mines, the RockMonitor XR has been independently proven to:


  • Reduce injury and incident reports by 65%.
  • Boost productivity by 40%.
  • Reduce standing support costs by 49%.
  • Deliver up to a 64,000% annualised ROI.

Highly accurate, mine-wide remote strata monitoring system

Scalable, real-time plug and play monitoring and predictive algorithms that dramatically improve safety, efficiency and productivity.

Stay safe. Stay productive.

The RockMonitor Range

Image of RockMonitor XM
RockMonitor XM

Image of RockMonitor XR
RockMonitor XR

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