Falcon 25

The world’s fastest hot-disconnect

Who says you have to compromise safety for speed? The Falcon 25’s instant 2-stage bayonet coupling system delivers the world’s fastest hot-disconnect and making-off. It’s also the safest.

Quick connect bayonet system

Rapid ‘live power’ disconnect that reduces maintenance time and keeps the system super safe if accidentally disconnected

Global Ex Connector accreditation

Fully ATEX and IECEX approved for both Group I and Group II applications

Quick and easy assembly

Assemble in minutes with no need for specialist tools or equipment

The TX3706 Falcon 25 is rock-solid, ultra reliable and easy-to-use. The world’s fastest hot-disconnect and making-off designed specially for control circuits and medium power applications.



Image of Ex Connectors
Ex Connectors

Image of TX3706 Falcon 25
TX3706 Falcon 25

Image of TX3706.x Falcon 25 Fibre Optic Ex Connectors
TX3706.x Falcon 25 Fibre Optic Ex Connectors

Image of TX3700 Connectors
TX3700 Connectors