Flammable Gas Sensor

Don’t take chances with flammable gases

Use the Trolex TX6383 Flammable Gas Sensor to protect your teams and your production, however challenging the working environment.

A fixed-point, intrinsically safe, poison-resistant catalytic combustion sensor, the TX6383 Flammable Gas Sensor provides accurate real-time responses to a range of flammable gasses.

Quick change, plug-in, pre-calibrated gas sensing modules that interface with most standard industrial monitoring systems to transmit the rapid, accurate insight you need to make quick and safe operational decisions.

Rugged and reliable

Stainless steel reinforced polycarbonate housing and optional weatherproof plug and socket connections make the TX6363 Flammable Gas Sensor tough enough to withstand  even the most demanding conditions.


A range of analogue output signals mean that whatever industrial monitoring you use, you always get the information you need.

Low maintenance

Quick change pre-calibrated plug-in gas sensing modules for fast, easy and low cost maintenance.


Safety Integrity Level SIL 1 and SIL 2 compliant, so you can be sure you’re getting the intrinsically safe protection you need.

Wherever you need to detect a flammable gas and however harsh the conditions, trust the Trolex TX6383 Flammable Gas Sensor for the fastest, safest, most accurate results.

Gas Detection Range

Image of TX9165 Sentro 8
TX9165 Sentro 8

Image of TX6351 Sentro 1
TX6351 Sentro 1

Image of TX6355 Sentro 1 Wireless
TX6355 Sentro 1 Wireless

Image of TX6373 Toxic Gas
TX6373 Toxic Gas

Image of TX6383 Flammable Gas Sensor
TX6383 Flammable Gas Sensor

Image of TX6363 Infrared
TX6363 Infrared