A/V alarm

Instant audio and visual notifications, compatible with a range of Trolex sensors

Monitoring is only half the battle when it comes to site safety. Logging a change in pressure, an increase in particulate levels or the presence of dangerous gases isn’t useful if you aren’t notified of the problem. Combining a high-intensity LED flashing alarm with an 85db audio alarm, the TX6831 A/V alarm means you’ll always know of potential issues the instant they occur.


Thanks to a compact, strong polycarbonate housing, this A/V alarm is suitable for the most challenging environments


A variety of input signals including mA, contact state input and Vdc. The TX6831 alarm can be fitted directly to a number of Trolex sensors using in-built terminals, or can be supplied fitted directly to a junction box


By combining audio and visual alarms, the A/V alarm provides reliable warnings in difficult environments where a solely visual or audible notification could easily be missed.

Even if your workforce is operating in a highly noisy environment, or working in an area with low visibility, the Trolex TX6831 A/V alarm will ensure that they’re made aware of any developing problems instantly.

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