Air XS real-time Silica Monitor: Become an Early Adopter today

In summary, here are the advantages of becoming an Early Adopter of our Air XS Silica Monitor:

  1. Get early access to the best technology through pre-ordering from February.
  2. Secure orders in advance of your competitors.
  3. Get regular updates on the progress of the product, the impact that silicosis has on the industry
    and hear from some of the leading voices in the industry about solutions to the problem.
  4. Position your organisation as a trail blazer and give yourself the opportunity to influence the
    market: a leader not a follower (we are happy to collaborate on PR and Marketing if you would
    like our support).
  5. Drive up your revenue. Businesses that engage with new technology early will get the best
    outcomes in pure revenue terms.


If you would like to join the Early Adopters Programme please complete the form below.