Our History

The past. To be learned from, not lived in. And while many businesses are fixated on heritage and former glories, that’s not for us. Our eyes are fixed firmly on the future and our ability to shape it.

60 Years

So we could go on about our 60 years of success. Our radically superior safety technology. Our international dealership network and our partnerships with global OEM brands. The awards and the rest. Others would.

We’d much prefer to draw your attention to our ambitions.

The Future

Like the ambition to make a genuine impact in the particulates field – especially with our new Air X products, singularly focused on combating unacceptable levels of harm being caused to working people.

The ambition to create an original, innovative company that really behaves originally and innovatively.

At Trolex We Save Lives

Whether you’ve worked with us in the past or are a new partner, or about to become one.

Whether you’re a frontline engineer, a sales professional, a company director or a concerned shareholder.

Whether you’ve been in the industry for years, this is your very first day, or maybe you’ve yet to enter – let’s all look to the future.

Here’s to ambition. Changing the history of workers risking their lives to earn a living.