Gas Detection

Hard working, heavy duty, highly sensitive, toxic and flammable gas detection.

No Compromises

There’s no single reason why the world’s leading industrial and mining corporations trust Trolex gas detection products to protect their people and their assets – across more than 50 territories.

Some refuse to compromise on accuracy. Others demand the highest speed – sensors that calibrate faster than other gas detectors. Or portability. Low maintenance. Ease of use. Wireless options that can be easily integrated into legacy systems. Or flexibility – eModules that can be swapped out at any time to monitor a wide range of hazardous gases.


In reality though, the world’s leading industrial and mining corporations trust Trolex toxic and flammable gas detection for the unique and matchless combination of all these reasons.


They choose Trolex because Trolex gas detection delivers a greater level of protection than any other system on the market.


Is it time you did the same?

Gas Detection Range

Image of TX9165 Sentro 8
TX9165 Sentro 8

Image of TX6351 Sentro 1
TX6351 Sentro 1

Image of TX6355 Sentro 1 Wireless
TX6355 Sentro 1 Wireless

Image of TX6373 Toxic Gas
TX6373 Toxic Gas

Image of TX6383 Flammable Gas Detector
TX6383 Flammable Gas Detector

Image of TX6363 Infrared
TX6363 Infrared