Toxic Gas

Fast, accurate multiple toxic gas detection.

The TX6373 uses advanced fixed electrochemical gas cell technology to detect a long list of the most toxic workplace gases and keep teams safe and productive – in even the most challenging of working environments.

Quick-change, plug-in, pre-calibrated gas sensing modules provide real-time data.

Rugged and reliable

Anti-static polycarbonate housing and optional robust metal housing means the TX6373 delivers the detection you need in even the most arduous and exposed locations.


A range of analogue output signals mean that whatever industrial monitoring you use, you always get the information you need.

Low maintenance

Quick change pre-calibrated plug-in gas sensing modules for fast, easy and low-cost maintenance.


Up to (Safety Integrity Level) SIL 2 compliant, please refer to functional safety assessment report for details.

Wherever you need to detect multiple toxic gases – from offshore platforms, power generation, manufacturing and processing to mining, tunnelling and petrochemical processing – and however harsh the conditions, you can trust the Trolex TX6373 for the fastest, safest, most accurate results.

Internationally approved and certified.

Gas Detection Range

Image of TX9165 Sentro 8
TX9165 Sentro 8

Image of TX6351 Sentro 1
TX6351 Sentro 1

Image of TX6355 Sentro 1 Wireless
TX6355 Sentro 1 Wireless

Image of TX6373 Toxic Gas
TX6373 Toxic Gas

Image of TX6383 Flammable Gas Detector
TX6383 Flammable Gas Detector

Image of TX6363 Infrared
TX6363 Infrared