Infrared Gas

Real-time methane and carbon dioxide monitoring for the most gruelling of working environments.

Trolex TX6363 Infrared Gas Detector and Transmitter – reliable, stable, low maintenance.

An advanced monitoring device, the TX6363 Infrared Gas Detector and Transmitter quickly and easily sends accurate data to your industrial monitoring systems – so you can make informed frontline safety decisions.

Rugged and reliable.

Reinforced polymer, electrostatic protected and poison resistant with optional weatherproof plug and socket connections, the TX6363 Infrared Gas Detector and Transmitter thrives in even the most arduous and exposed locations.


Infrared ‘minimal drift’ detection cells provide the accurate and reliable monitoring you need to make smarter operational decisions.

Low maintenance.

Pre-calibrated plug-in gas sensing modules are quick and easy to replace and service, saving you time and money.

And because the Trolex TX6363 Infrared Gas Detector and Transmitter’s response to ambient pressure and temperature is linear across the complete sensing range, it’s suitable for both LEL and high-concentration monitoring.

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