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Real-time mining and industrial solutions that protect your people and your production

Early-warning pressure, temperature, vibration, flow and humidity monitoring; material build-up and voltage alerts.

Specially designed for the harshest mining and industrial environments, Trolex detection technology delivers the accurate insight you need to make quick, safe and profitable operational decisions.

For tunnelling, mining, pipelines, oil and gas, roadways, ventilation ducts, process industries and storage areas.

For businesses that understand that the better they read their working environment – the safer and more successful they are.

Other Products

Image of TX563x Vibration Sensor
TX563x Vibration Sensor

Image of TX66xx Power Supplies
TX66xx Power Supplies

Image of TX6831 Audio / Visual Alarm
TX6831 Audio / Visual Alarm

Image of TX9042 Programmable Sensor Controller
TX9042 Programmable Sensor Controller

Image of TX9131 Trip Amplifier
TX9131 Trip Amplifier

Image of TX592x Vortex
TX592x Vortex

Image of TX2071-2, TX6273-4 Temperature Sensors
TX2071-2, TX6273-4 Temperature Sensors

Image of TX6141-3 Pressure Monitoring Systems
TX6141-3 Pressure Monitoring Systems

Image of TX3700 Ex d Connectors
TX3700 Ex d Connectors