Pressure Monitoring System

Accurate pressure monitoring systems for even the most high pressure work spaces

Problems in machine monitoring are often a result of pressure variations. A drop in gas or liquid pressure can immediately cause a drop in performance, productivity and functionality, while a spike in pressure can have catastrophic results. Knowing about a pressure change the split second it happens is crucial to run a safe, productive operation. And the TX6141 pressure monitor offer instant notifications and real-time monitoring.


Unique sensor technology provides instant notification if gas or liquid pressure changes in the monitored location


Real-time monitoring lets you keep track of pressure changes with no delays or blind spots


The TX6141 offer the same reliable, accurate pressure monitoring hardware on specific mountings for use in a range of applications

Trolex pressure monitoring products are the result of years of hard-won experience in the mining, tunnelling and industrial manufacturing sectors. Tried and tested, to withstand even the most challenging environments, keeping you fully informed around the clock.

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