Power Supplies

Reliable and robust Intrinsically safe power for hazardous locations.

The super robust, intrinsically safe, TX66xx power supplies are all you need to keep your all-important systems up and running.

Specially designed for underground use, it safely converts AC supply voltage to power your sensors, electronic control devices and mobile machinery.


Robust stainless steel housing and spacious termination facilities for heavy duty cables


A choice of intrinsically safe output voltage and automatic uninterrupted power transfer to integral standby batteries

Intrinsically Safe

A stabilised and regulated power source with voltage regulation, current limiting and continuous short circuit protection for added safety

With an integral 3Ahr or 20Ahr back-up battery option, the TX66xx power supplies are always there to deliver the power you need, when you need it, where you need it.

Internationally approved and certified.


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