Sentro 8

Designed to function in the world’s most dangerous working environments where you may need to monitor a wide variety of gasses and other environmental conditions

Provides all the detection you need for complex mining and industrial applications in a single device.

Group I IS (intrinsically safe) compliant – low power consumption, zero sparking and certified for the most dangerous of industrial environments, the Sentro 8 protects your workers from a broad range of environmental threats and also alerts you to ambient changes.

Multi-gas detection

Scan for up to eight different gases simultaneously


Quickly configure up to four ports for a range of ambient temperature, ventilation, air velocity or other environmental monitoring


Quick-fit, pre-calibrated input sensing ‘eModules’ to detect a range of toxic and flammable gases in real-time


Network your SensorStations to a master computer and expand the system as your site grows

When safety demands that you monitor for multiple gasses or other environmental conditions  – at the same time – use the Trolex Sentro 8.

Gas Detection Range

Image of TX9165 Sentro 8
TX9165 Sentro 8

Image of TX6351 Sentro 1
TX6351 Sentro 1

Image of TX6355 Sentro 1 Wireless
TX6355 Sentro 1 Wireless

Image of TX6373 Toxic Gas
TX6373 Toxic Gas

Image of TX6383 Flammable Gas Detector
TX6383 Flammable Gas Detector

Image of TX6363 Infrared
TX6363 Infrared