Temperature Sensors

Real-time, high accuracy, wall mounted temperature sensors and probes to protect mission-critical machinery.

The Trolex TX6273 uses highly accurate remote sensing probes to measure plant temperature and sends you that information in real-time so you are always one step ahead of potential performance issues.

The Trolex TX6274 uses an integral sensing probe to monitor ambient air temperature and, like the TX6273, transmits that data in real-time to keep you fully aware of potential threats.


Secured in a tough dust and waterproof housing

Intrinsically safe

Certified for use in Group I and Group II hazardous areas


Large digital read-out calibrated in °C, with choice of analogue output repeater signals

High accuracy, temperature monitoring across your complete asset estate whether you specialise in tunnelling, mining, shipping, storage, energy or process plants.

From pipes, ducting and conduits, tanks, storage sumps and reservoirs, to power packs, gearboxes, refrigeration, ventilation, transformers and convertors.

Accuracy, anywhere that temperature matters… which is everywhere.

Image of Real-time dust monitoring
Real-time dust monitoring

Image of Gas detection
Gas detection

Image of Strata