XD One Portable Dust Monitor launches
into the construction industry

It’s amazing how often a product created to solve a specific problem in one marketplace goes on to be adopted in others.

We’ve all heard of the NASA ‘spinoffs’ – the 1,300 documented NASA technologies now used across the world. From memory foam, to GPS, to scratch resistant sunglasses, to cordless vacuum cleaners; the list goes on…and on. You don’t have to look too hard to spot crossover successes – the law of unintentional consequence going about its business in the most constructive of ways.

In a B2B context, you could apply the same principle to the Trolex XD ONE Portable Dust Monitor.

XD One Personal Dust Monitor: Life-saving technology for every sector

The wearable dust monitor, XD ONE, was originally developed as an evolution of our AIR XD Dust Monitor, a fixed dust monitoring device for the mining, tunnelling and quarrying industries. Industries infamous for their creation of dangerous respirable dusts. But now it’s finding a whole new audience in lighter, less obvious industries such as baking, woodworking, paper manufacturing, motor engineering, highway maintenance and especially construction. 

If the interest shown at the recent Safety in Construction Show is anything to go by, there’s now a real desire to learn more about the XD ONE Portable Dust Monitor, and the life-saving protection it gives workers all across the construction industry.  

Building an awareness of the dangers posed by construction dust

Organisations such as the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) are doing their best to inform and educate the construction industry of the threats of dangerous particulates. But, as feedback from The Safety in Construction Show made clear, it’s the more visible, more immediate threats that attract the headlines. Trips, slips, fire or explosions tend to attract attention, with dust related tragedies rarely treated with the same degree of importance. 

It’s one reason why we work so hard to get in front of the industry. To educate construction specialists (especially senior management) on the long-term impacts of dangerous exposure to construction dust and particulates.  

The other reason? To make clear that the solution exists right here, right now – with the XD ONE, personal dust monitoring by Trolex. 

A new appreciation of threat and threatening environments  

As we’ve written before, just because you can’t see a threat doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.’  

And while great plumes of rock or coal dust present an obvious, visible risk to workers, what about those particles that are so small, we mistakenly think they’re not even there? What about the invisible, previously undetectable threats? 

With our XD ONE Portable Dust Monitor able to measure even the smallest of microscopic construction dust to 0.38 nanometers, if it’s there, the XD ONE will tell you in real time.  

Instead of presuming an area safe because there’s no obvious sign of dust, we can measure it as safe – or not. 

And importantly, because the XD ONE Portable Dust Monitor measures in real time, it means that instead of being alerted to exposure after the event, you can manage processes ‘live’ to keep your people safe and your business efficient.  

The practical benefits of real-time dust monitoring

As much as anything, it’s the fact that the XD ONE Portable Dust Monitor  is wearable, that’s changing the whole dynamic of dust detection – especially for the construction industry.  

Our personal and wearable dust monitor is so small, so light and so low maintenance that workers quickly forget they’re even wearing it. It has transformed life-saving dust detection from an expensive, time consuming and cumbersome hassle (too often neglected or even plain ignored), into a Health and Safety no-brainer for any business serious about worker welfare. 

An important life saving device for the mining, tunnelling and quarrying industries, crossing over to save lives in the construction industry. 

If you work in construction and want to find out more about the XD ONE, just get in touch today. We’ll tell you everything you want to know about protecting you and your teams on your construction sites.