Air XD Dust Monitor

Game changing, life-saving particulate measurement technology. The Air XD Dust Monitor has been designed with one simple purpose – to help solve industry’s single biggest health and safety problem: deaths and diseases caused by harmful particulates. Accurate, real-time particulate monitoring that scans for threats in even the harshest and most hazardous working environments.

Dust monitoring made simple

No filters, no pumps, no messing around. Air XD is around 5 times more accurate than other dust monitors and capable of dealing with 10 times the dust loading. And with required maintenance of around 10 minutes every 3 to 6 months, you can relax knowing you’re providing the most robust and comprehensive particulate monitoring for your people and your business without the high costs and the hassle.

So everyone can breathe a little easier.

Monitor all of the dust all of the time.

You don’t solve a puzzle with only one or two pieces of the jigsaw, so why monitor for only 1 or 2 sizes of dust particulate? Air XD simultaneously monitors every dust particulate from 0.38 to 40 uM, continuously and in real time. No more guess work, just the complete picture delivered with unrivalled accuracy.

Save lives and save money.

The Air XD Dust Monitor isn’t just about protecting the health of your workers. It can also help you improve your processes, reduce workforce costs and remove the need for outside consultants to deliver your dust control strategy. Air XD allows you to create smart suppression and extraction systems, reduce worker illness and absence, and to deploy PPE only when required. Real-time accurate and comprehensive information gives you real control over your process and your facility.

Dust monitoring: Case studies.

The Air XD Dust Monitor is deployed by some of the world’s leading corporations to protect their people and their businesses.

A dust monitor that’s not afraid of dust.

The biggest problem with dust monitors on the market today?

They don’t work very well when there’s lots of dust around. Which we think kind of defeats the object. The Air XD’s open-path sensing system, combined with our advanced algorithm means continued accuracy – whether it’s low dust-volume clean air environments or heavy dust loads in complex mixtures

Low maintenance and transportable.

Looking after your Air XD is simple. Everything you need is contained in the Air XD Compliance Pack and it takes around 10 to 20 minutes every 3 to 6 months to perform the compliance check. That’s it. No return-to-base or complicated calibration routines. Just accurate, robust dust monitoring for even the harshest environments.

Add the Air XD Transportable Pack to give you 24-hours a day battery power in locations where power is not available.

Breathe software.

Our dedicated Breathe software for Air XD is a clear, easy-to-navigate, easy-to-access platform for storing, viewing and accessing all of your particulate data.

The Air X range

Image of Air XD Compliance Pack
Air XD Compliance Pack

Image of Air X Transportable Pack
Air X Transportable Pack

Image of Air X software
Air X software

Image of Air XS Silica Monitor
Air XS Silica Monitor

Image of XD One Personal Dust Monitor
XD One Personal Dust Monitor

Image of Compliance Pack ONE
Compliance Pack ONE

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