Air XD Compliance Pack

When you rely on the unrivalled accuracy of your Air XD monitors to keep your workspaces and your workers safe, you need total assurance that each monitor is working properly, measuring accurately, and fully compliant. With the Air XD Compliance Pack, you can have that assurance in just 20 minutes.

The Air XD Compliance Pack contains:


  • Trolex-Approved Compliance Audit dust samples
  • Trolex-Approved Compliance Audit reusable particulate delivery system

Servicing, auditing, calibrating and QA verifying your Air XD Real-time Dust Monitor is simple with the Air XD Compliance Pack. Everything you need is contained in this portable easy-to-use kit, with no need to return your monitors to base, change filters, replace pumps or calibrate equipment.

All you need is the Air XD Compliance Pack, and just enough time to take around 250 breaths.

Please note: All Air XD units must be serviced using the approved Compliance Pack at least once every 12 months to remain in warranty.

The Air X Range

Image of AIR XD Dust Monitor
AIR XD Dust Monitor

Image of XD ONE Portable Dust Monitor
XD ONE Portable Dust Monitor

Image of Air XD Compliance Pack
Air XD Compliance Pack

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Air X Transportable Pack

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Image of Compliance Pack ONE
Compliance Pack ONE