Portable, real-time dust monitoring for every worker at risk from harmful respirable dust.

Pioneering technology made simple.

The XD ONE Portable Dust Monitor is a lightweight, self-contained dust monitor. With no filters, no pumps, no tubes, and no replaceable parts, simply just switch it on and in 5 seconds you’re ready to monitor for all dangerous dusts.

Protection for the whole shift. Every shift.

Just because you can’t see a threat, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. XD ONE scans for a range of dust sizes, including PM1.0, PM2.5, PM4.25 and PM10, to prevent one of the biggest killers in occupational environments.

The simplest, fastest dust monitor on the market.

Protect your workers with easy-to-use, low maintenance, portable dust monitoring. XD ONE gives you instant alarms, in real time, when regulatory limits are breached, and has the potential to radically change the way businesses and people respond to the dangers of respirable dust.

Data to give you power.

BreatheLITE provides live data readout and full data analytics through your laptop or computer.
XD ONE is fully configurable in just a few minutes through BreatheLITE, allowing you to track your
XD ONE device’s data and run compliance checks quickly and easily.

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Image of Compliance Pack ONE
Compliance Pack ONE

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