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XD One Personal Dust Monitor

XD One is the new lightweight, self-contained continuous personal dust monitor with no filters, no pumps, no tubes and no replaceable parts. Simply switch it on and in 5 seconds you’re ready to go.

Personal dust monitoring for every single worker at risk from respirable particulates. Let’s make it happen.

Protection for the whole shift. Every shift.

XD One Personal Dust Monitor is designed to be used all of the time in any conditions. It weighs only 450 g and has a 16+ hour battery life and comes with a range of accessories to allow it to be used in-cab, on-the-body or fixed to a pole or a wall.

The most accurate personal dust monitor on the market – the evidence.

There’s a lot of jargon, complicated processes and fiddly technology around dust monitoring, most of which we don’t think is necessary. People will try to convince you that complicated = better.

This is why we put the XD One up against the world’s leading dust monitor brands in independent trials with a UK regulator.

Why XD One?

“It’s now possible to protect workers with easy-to-use, low maintenance personal dust monitors that give instant alarms when regulatory limits are breached. This has the potential to radically change the way businesses and people respond to the dangers of particulates. Nobody needs to die from diseases associated with dust in the workplace anymore.”

Kyle Hudson, Technical Director, Trolex

Data to give you power.

Free BreatheLITE software provides live data readout and full data analytics through your laptop or computer. XD One is fully configurable in just a few minutes through BreatheLITE, allowing you to adapt your monitoring capability, maintain audit trails and run reference and compliance checks quickly and easily. 

Particulate monitoring just got personal.


See the XD One Personal Dust Monitor in action

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