XD One

The new, wearable, self-contained personal dust monitoring device that saves time, money and lives. Breakthrough XD One technology delivers continuous, real-time detection of harmful particulates in even the harshest of conditions, to protect your people wherever they are. Instant alarms to preset TWA and STEL limits.

Wear it, fix it, move it!

XD One is personal, portable and mountable. It is a self-contained unit with no tubes, sampling heads, impactors, pumps, or filters. It weighs only 450g and has a 16+ hour battery life. We offer a full range of mounting options for walls, poles, cabs, and on the body, including on the chest for the Oronasal Sampling Zone. 

Almost Zero Maintenance

The automatic and on-demand self-test routine takes 5 seconds. The one-minute compliance test is required typically every 3-6 months. That’s it. No return-to-base servicing, or complicated set-up, cleaning or calibration routines. PPE for the real world. 

Accurate, Flexible, Reliable

0.35 – 40μm particle size range detection. Selectable density thresholds (mg/m3). Fully customisable STEL and TWA monitoring with associated alarms for PM1, PM2.5, PM4.25 and PM10. The unit is always recording full Total Suspended Particulates (TSP) data and stores up to 10 years for later analysis. 

Data When You Need It

Free BreatheLITE software provides live data readout and full data analytics through your laptop or computer. XD One is fully configurable in just a few minutes through BreatheLITE, allowing you to adapt your monitoring capability, maintain audit trails and run reference and compliance checks quickly and easily. 

Particulate monitoring just got personal.



The Air X Range

Image of Air XD
Air XD

Image of XD One
XD One

Image of Air XD Compliance Pack
Air XD Compliance Pack

Image of Air XD Transportable Pack
Air XD Transportable Pack

Image of Compliance Pack ONE
Compliance Pack ONE

Image of Breathe and BreatheLITE Software
Breathe and BreatheLITE Software