Air X Transportable Pack

Particulates don’t just pose a threat in easily accessible spaces where you can fit a permanent dust monitor. Where workspaces change and expand or tunnels are being created or boundaries and perimeters need monitoring, you need a way of quickly, efficiently expanding and re-configuring your monitoring coverage. The Air XD and Air XS Transportable Pack does just that, turning each Air X device into a battery-powered portable dust monitoring station.

The Air X Transportable Pack includes:

  • 2x Lithium-ion battery packs (with a 5 to 6-hour run cycle)
  • Battery charger
  • Robust portable tripod
  • Custom mounting plate

Turn your stationary particulate monitors into an expandable monitoring network, thanks to 24-hour uninterrupted coverage, and the ability to swap and recharge batteries without the need to power down.

The Air X Range

Image of Air XS Silica Monitor
Air XS Silica Monitor

Image of Air XD Dust Monitor
Air XD Dust Monitor

Image of Air XD Compliance Pack
Air XD Compliance Pack

Image of Software