Truly wearable, real-time personal dust monitoring for every worker at risk from harmful respirable dust.

Dust monitoring just got personal.

XD1+ is a simple, straightforward and accurate dust monitor with just a single button; simply switch it on, secure it in place and off you go. With real-time dust monitoring, XD1+ changes the way we fight respiratory disease in the workplace.

This time it’s personal.

XD1+ is small and lightweight enough to give you the freedom to do your job whilst consistently monitoring the levels of dangerous dust. At only 170 g, XD1+ is ¼ of the size of other dust monitors on the market, remaining truly wearable, with dimensions of only 112 mm x 64 mm x 25 mm. Personal, real-time monitoring to always protect your workers.

Take back control. Save lives.

XD1+ gives you instant alarms for fully customisable STEL and TWA measurements for dust sizes of PM1, PM2.5, PM4.25 and PM10. With our accurate and real-time dust monitoring you can take back control to prioritise worker safety, make effective business decisions and save lives.

End the guesswork.

With BreatheMOBILE you can access your dust monitoring data all the time. RFID tagging allows you to allocate your XD1+ device wherever you are and with bluetooth connectivity, you can view all the live data, all the time, in real-time. When it comes to making a difference, real-time information is king.

Connected partner solutions.

XD1+ supported by Reactec’s workplace cloud-based analytics has arrived.

The analytics platform, brings  dust data from the XD1+ to life by delivering real-time updates from individual workers, and tracking respirable data to determine where the highest concentration of harmful dust exists in your workplace.



Image of Compliance Pack+
Compliance Pack+

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