New Trolex Silica Detection Technology Inspires New APPG Perspective on Respiratory Health

You may have seen The All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Respiratory Health report ‘Silica – the next asbestos’?

It’s a shocking read. 

“Construction workers are still 100 times more likely to die from a preventable occupational disease than from an accident. We also know that approximately 12,000 deaths in the industry each year are linked to exposure to dust and chemicals.”

“Figures from IOSH show that roughly half a million people are exposed to RCS at work in the UK. They estimate that in Europe as a whole, 81% of these are employed in construction or in manufacturing products used in that industry.”

Originally released in March 2020, there’s an updated version of the report scheduled for release by the end of June 2022. 

One of the reasons it’s been re-written is because of new advances in detection technology. Experts at Trolex brought our new technology to the APPG’s attention and explained our nine-year silica detection R&D project that resulted in development of the new real-time silica monitor – work that we’d kept closely under wraps until mid 2021.

The Trolex Air XS Silica Monitor is the world’s first real-time silica monitoring and measurement device, and the technology used is so cutting edge that after even a brief meeting, the parliamentary committee could quickly see the significant contribution the Air XS Silica Monitor will make in saving lives in the long term.

Real time. Accurate. Affordable. 

So, now, instead of paying third party H&S specialists to set up their monitoring kit, record air quality, send those readings to a lab and charge a small fortune each and every time they report back, you will soon be able to measure airborne RCS particles in real time. All at a fraction of the cost of old-fashioned laboratory analysis.

Silica-specific detection: A changing landscape.

The original report refers to Workplace Exposure Limits (WELs) of dust. It says:

“Dust monitoring is vital. Technology advances mean that new methods of real-time exposure level monitoring are now possible. Knowing what the actual exposure levels are is important as exposure will depend on the actual task (e.g. cutting concrete is higher risk than breaking concrete, and the actual exposures depend on the concrete mixture).

The new Code of Practice for Tunnelling […] that requires the use of new technology which is just becoming available and gives an instantaneous measurement.”

The instantaneous measurement the report refers to is the measurement of a variety of dust and particulates (something we already do with our Air XD Real-Time Dust Monitor and XD One Personal Dust Monitor products) – not specifically silica. Silica always being too difficult to uniquely identify. 

Until now.

Game Changing RCS Detection Technology

Our new silica-specific monitoring technology is a game changer.

By working with the authors of the APPG report alongside Patrick and his team to share the features, benefits and thinking behind the new real-time silica monitoring technology they’ve been able to update the report with new advice on how to best protect workers from the dangers of respirable crystalline silica (RCS). 

As I mentioned earlier, you can read the new version when it’s released in June.

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Image of Air XS Silica Monitor
Air XS Silica Monitor

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    The Centre for Work Health and Safety launch the Air XS Silica Monitor in New South Wales

    The world’s first real-time respirable crystalline silica (RCS) detector, the Air XS Silica Monitor, was launched in Australia for the very first time on 7 April 2022.

    The Centre for Work Health and Safety unveiled the product along with our Australian distributors Active Environmental Solutions (AES) to the Australian public at the Shellbourne Hotel in Sydney, New South Wales (NSW).

    World-first technology

    With guests from an array of industries including construction, tunnelling and mining, it was an event in which over 50 influences turned up to see the world’s first real-time RCS detector.

    As the silicosis problem continues to grow in Australia, particularly in NSW, where 75 cases of silicosis have been recorded since 2020, the Air XS Silica Monitor has the potential to provide a solution to this problem.

    This was an opportunity for major influencers in their respected industries to see just why everyone is so excited about the Air XS Silica Monitor.

    The importance of getting real

    The event started with an ‘acknowledgement of the country’ from the Centre for Work Health and Safety, demonstrating the issue of silicosis in Australia and how important it is to accurately monitor for RCS.

    The Air XS Silica Monitor is a major technological advancement globally in RCS detection, and nowhere more so than in Australia. So much so that a rebate scheme has been put in place by the NSW government in order to urge companies to do more when it comes to safeguarding their employees against killer particulates in the workplace.

    The rebate scheme means that all NSW businesses are eligible for $1000 rebate refund at time of purchase of each Air XS unit, as well as potential small businesses located in NSW.

    With demonstrations now available for all businesses, not only in NSW, but across the whole of Australia, the incentive to ‘get real on silica monitoring’ has never been higher.

    A huge success

    After a full demonstration of the unit from Aleks Todorovic, Managing Director at AES, it was evident just how successful this could be in NSW, as well as a chance for individuals to see just how this device works, up close and personal in real-time.

    Aleks added, ‘After the presentations, we were inundated with enquires and requests for demonstrations, so I have no doubt the Air XS is going to be a huge success’.

    The launch of the Air XS Silica Monitor in NSW coincided with our UK launch at the Health and Safety Event at the NEC in Birmingham, which you can read more about here.

    As well as this, the real-time RCS monitor was also on show at Coverings 2022 Stone and Tile trade event at the Las Vegas Convention Centre in Nevada, USA.

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